Why use a certified professional face painter?


Certified professional face painters have been assessed in both theories and practice by face and body painting associations. They are professional and use only top quality products and equipments.


I use only FDA aprroved face and body paints and high quality brushes that are specially designed for face and body painting. The paints I use are the combination of TAG, FPA, Paradise, Wolfe, Global, Mehron, Superstar, FAB and DFX which all have anti-bacterial quality. The glitters I use are all cosmetic grade and safe to be used close to the eyes or on the lips.


Safety and Hygiene


As a certified professional face painter and a mother, I place safty and hygiene as my utmost priority.  I strickly follow ABAA's OH&S policies :

 - Use diferent sponge for each child 

 - Clean brushes between painting each child

 - Use cotton tips for lips

 - Avoid painting on the skin with cuts or with skin condition or any form of illness

 - Clean my kit thoroughly every time after use


How to remove your face paint?


Rub baby wipe onto DRY skin, once design lifts, clean the area again with warm sopy water.  Occasionally, some colors can be tougher to remove.  In that case, rub a little bit of  baby oil, tear free soap or shampoo or alcohol-free gentle makeup remover on the area and wash off again with warm water.


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